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Review: Satoko Fujii, FUKUSHIMA

Artist: SATOKO FUJII ORCHESTRA NEW YORK Album: FUKUSHIMA © Copyright 2017 – Libra Records 214-044 Reviewed By Scott Yanow Jazz Artistry Now – Composer-pianist-bandleader Satoko Fujii is considered a giant of the avant-garde. Prior to launching her very prolific career, she attended Berklee (College of Music) and the New England Conservatory of Music where her […]

Best of Jazz Review


Artist: Rez Abbasi Album: Unfiltered Universe © Copyright 2017 – Rez Abbasi Whirlwind Recordings WR 4713 Reviewed By Scott Yanow Jazz Artistry Now – Guitarist Rez Abbasi has had an original voice on his instrument since the beginning of his career. Born in Pakistan, he moved with his parents to Los Angeles when he was […]


Review: Common Quartet, THE HIVE

  Artist: Common Quartet Album: The Hive © Copyright 2017 – Common Quartet Stop Time Records – 888295437349 Reviewed By Christopher Burnett Jazz Artistry Now – In an age where access to all types of media and information is voluminous, it can be easy to overlook something unique or new. For artists, the dilemma can […]