Commentary covering a wide range of issues that impact jazz artistry now.

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Articles that explore the various aspects of jazz artistry now.

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Objective jazz criticism and reviews of progressive releases that represent jazz artistry now. We review a select number of recordings each year. This allows thoughtful commentary and meaningful reflection on the artistic efforts presented and documented.

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Jazz Artistry Now

The music has become a worldwide phenomenon in ways that the founders of the art likely never imagined it would. There is so much quality music being created and documented in our times. So, another high-quality editorial space to present and document objective commentary, articles, and reviews is much welcomed. JAN aspires to create a digital place where fans of progressive music will visit regularly, artists creating the music will find refreshing in context, and publicists or promoters can count on a quality product in our criticism and reviews. We are very selective about the content we ultimately present and publish at Jazz Artistry Now. Authenticity. Originality. Forward Thinking. Left Leaning. Great Music.


Review Scale

JAN uses a 5-point scale for reviews. We only review music we think is in the 4.0 to 4.5 out of 5 stars range. So, all of the music reviewed here is the best of the best in our editorial and collective informed opinions.

Our highest review rating is 4.5 because objective reality remains that nobody is 5 stars. We know that some writers and publications give fives. But, is there really a five-out-of-five recording, though? We say not. So, if we write about yours, or your client's recording, it is likely among the best music being released by any scale.

When JAN publishes a review, the recording is representative of the best jazz artistry now.


  • MUSIC FOR REVIEW: We accept unsolicited music submissions for review consideration. Professional musicians only, please. Take a listen to the types of artists and music we review before submitting material to JAN for review consideration.
  • WRITER ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS: We accept unsolicited article submissions from other writers for publication consideration. Articles should be no more than 1,000 words. Take a look at our writing style and contact us by email before sending your work.
  • We do not return any materials ultimately sent to us.
  • We do not compensate writers for articles or reviews and publish these works under the creative¬†commons license with attribution. However, this will change as we grow.