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REVIEW: The Planets: Reimagined by Jeremy Levy Jazz Orchestra

These creatively conceived jazz variations on the well-known classic movements by Holst are artfully done and listening fun. Outstanding indeed.

Artist: Jeremy Levy Jazz Orchestra

Album: The Planets: Reimagined

Label: OA2 Records

Reviewed by Christopher Burnett
Jeremy Levy (Photo Courtesy of Artist)

Jeremy Levy is a Los Angeles based musician and composer who has worked in nearly every medium. As a composer, he has most recently written music for “Magic, the Gathering,” “Star Wars: Battlefront (I and II),” and “Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire.”

He also works as an orchestrator, writing scores for film, television, and video games with portfolio examples like “Frozen 2,” “Trolls,” “Hotel Transylvania 3,” “Minions,” and “The Peanuts Movie,” among others. Mr. Levy’s arranging commissions include writing for the National Symphony Orchestra, The Metropole Orkest, and the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Originally from Hannibal, Missouri, he completed his undergraduate work at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and earned a master’s degree in composition from the University of Miami before engaging his prolific career on the west coast where he co-leads ensembles and works with many of the top studio musicians of today. 

Photo Courtesy of Artist

Attending a concert performance of the original Gustav Holst orchestral suite by The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Mr. Levy says he was inspired to undertake a jazz adaptation of the famous work as his debut recording as a principal band leader. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the recording was realized and subsequently released worldwide on OA2 Records.

The Planets: Reimagined is a superbly done project on all accounts with stellar creativity and craftsmanship highlighting the writing and fine performances by the musicians. These creatively conceived jazz variations on the well-known classic movements by Holst are artfully done and listening fun. Outstanding indeed.

— Jazz Artistry Now

1. MARS – 7:21

2. VENUS – 5:50

3. MERCURY – 3:38

4. JUPITER – 7:40

5. SATURN – 9:24

6. URANUS – 5:39

7. NEPTUNE – 7:32

Photo Courtesy of Artist


Jeremy Levy, arranger & conductor


Alex Budman, alto, soprano, solo (3)

Kevin Garren, alto

Jeff Driskill, tenor

Glen Berger, tenor

Tom Luer, tenor solo (6)

Ken Fisher, bari, bass clarinet


Rob Shaer

Javier Gonzales

Michael Stever, solo (5)

Mike Rocha


Alex Iles

Francisco Torres

Andy Martin, solo (1)

Juliane Gralle

Steve Hughes, bass


Andrew Synowiec, guitars

Andy Langham, piano

David Hughes, bass

Jame Tate, drums

Brian Kilgore, percussion

Photo Courtesy of Artist


Listen and purchase a copy online.

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Mr. Burnett

The Jazz Artistry Now review of The Planets: Reimagined was written by Christopher Burnett. Mr. Burnett is a professional jazz artist, noted composer, and an award-winning staff writer and reporter who has written columns and feature articles for All About Jazz, newspapers, journals, and military publications over a period of several decades. He is one of our Jazz Artistry Now founding editors and a voting member of the esteemed Jazz Journalists Association.