The Mark Taylor Interview, Part 1.4

Part 1.4 provides JAN readers an introduction to Mr. Taylor.

Jazz Artistry Now – A published composer, recording artist and performer based in New York City, Mark Taylor has also written new music for theatre, dance, film, and the concert stage.

The terms prodigy and genius are so often dispensed upon individuals prematurely or at least frequently enough to have become relatively commonplace references. But, in the case of Mr. Taylor both of those terms can fittingly be applied to any aspect of his artistry and career.

And it is the term brilliant that is most appropriate for him because it speaks to an ongoing dynamic of artistic creations to come.

Part 1.4 of The Mark Taylor Interview provides a career overview and introduction.

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In addition to chamber works, including “3 Songs About Puppetry” (commissioned by the principal Hornist of the Michigan Philharmonic), Mr. Taylor wrote and recorded the score to “Last Days of Coney Island” for famed animator/director Ralph Bakshi, placed two songs in the Dollface Productions independent feature film “The Girl” and scored the documentaries “9/11 Fear In Silence” for JadeFilms and Camille Billops’ “A String of Pearls”.

Tri-Centric Foundation Photo by Michael Weintrob Photography

Other projects include “It’s Not Like He’s Never Been There Before”, a multi-movement orchestral work, commissioned by the Tri-Centric Foundation and a series of transcriptions of the work of seminal jazz bandleader James Reese Europe’s 369th “Hellfighters” military band for the Brooklyn Repertory Ensemble.

Tri-Centric Foundation Photo by Michael Weintrob Photography


Mr. Taylor has released four CDs of all original material, QuietLand, Circle Squared, At What Age and Live At The Freight (co-led with composer/saxophonist Jessica Jones).


One of the few performers to successfully integrate the notoriously difficult French Horn into the landscape of jazz and improvised music, Mr. Taylor’s broad musical background has allowed performing, composing and arranging to be integral elements within the paradigm of his work as a bandleader.



In addition to leading his own ensembles, Mr. Taylor has also performed and recorded with an array of modern jazz giants including Max Roach, Henry Threadgill, Wadada Leo Smith, Muhal Richard Abrams and Anthony Braxton.


  • Part 1.4 provides JAN readers an introduction to Mr. Taylor.
  • Part 2.4 explores Mr. Taylor’s years after leaving the conservatory.
  • Part 3.4 covers Mr. Taylor’s years with Threadgill, etc.
  • Part 4.4 brings us to Mr. Taylor’s career as a composer, solo and recording artist.