Best of Jazz Editors’ Picks Review


Here are several 2020 releases that should be on everyone’s playlists. Featuring the new works of Logan Richardson, Patrick Cornelius, Arthur White and MERGE, and Marcus Lewis Big Band our Editor’s Picks cover a relatively broad modern spectrum.

Article Editors’ Picks Interview

Tate Berry

Tate Berry is currently a student enrolled at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He’s a Jazz Studies major in the conservatory of music and a Business major in the Bloch School there. Tate plays woodwinds, primarily saxophones, and also composes music.

Article Commentary Preview

Commentary 06.04.18

MUSINGS o When a musician embarks upon the path of jazz artistry now, it seems to be a calling first and a way to make a living second. It seems accepted that one must have a supplemental income stream beyond performing gigs. But, that seems to be the way it has always been. o We […]