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I already know what I want for Christmas, “Charlie Parker: The Mercury & Clef 10-Inch LP Collection.”

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COMMENTARY 2020: Charlie Parker Centennial

Charlie “Bird” Parker was born in Kansas City, Kansas in 1920 and grew up in Kansas City, Missouri – his artistic innovations would ultimately lead him to worldwide musical acclaim. This undisputed and universal acknowledgement as an innovator and musical genius continues to the present. QUOTE “A father of bebop, he has continued to influence generations […]

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Commentary: 07.15.18

I see lots of what comes across as scarcity mentalities in the Jazz world. From: attitudes about getting gigs, getting airplay, getting awards or peer recognition, and as well as getting press and reviews, etc. To: infrastructure issues like scene power trips, musician cliques, and philanthropic gatekeepers becoming the show – we can often lose sight of the main thing – JAZZ

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Commentary 06.04.18

MUSINGS o When a musician embarks upon the path of jazz artistry now, it seems to be a calling first and a way to make a living second. It seems accepted that one must have a supplemental income stream beyond performing gigs. But, that seems to be the way it has always been. o We […]

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Commentary 02.25.18

Jazz Artistry Now Editorial Commentary 02.25.18 Jazz Artistry Now – As we approach concluding the second decade of the 21st Century, I am coming to another place of appreciation for the information available to humanity via digital technologies and the Internet. The Internet changed the music industry in some of the ways people make money […]