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REVIEW: Simeon Davis

All in all this is an impressive effort from Simeon Davis, both for his writing and his playing. With luck and perseverance, he will certainly have a great future in creative music.

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Great Jazz Communities Inherently Have Great Jazz Infrastructures

By Christopher Burnett It was dark when we crossed the blue bridge over the Missouri River and pulled into the City of Leavenworth, officially known as “The First City of Kansas” and also hometown to such music industry luminaries as Melissa Etheridge and the phenomenal LA-based woodwind artist Gary Foster. I am a native of […]

Best of Jazz Editors’ Picks Review

REVIEW: Alchemy Sound Project – Adventures in Time and Space

In reality, the music of Alchemy Sound Project is much better heard than described since a great deal takes place in a subtle, tasteful, and thoughtful manner. The music, which is never obvious, is easy to enjoy and recommended.

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Commentary 02.25.18

Jazz Artistry Now Editorial Commentary 02.25.18 Jazz Artistry Now – As we approach concluding the second decade of the 21st Century, I am coming to another place of appreciation for the information available to humanity via digital technologies and the Internet. The Internet changed the music industry in some of the ways people make money […]