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JAN Vol. 1 Recapitulation


Check out JAN Vol. 1 using the direct hyperlinks below featuring the writing contributions of David R. Adler, Christopher Burnett and Scott Yanow.


  1. Commentary: 07.06.17
  2. Brian Landrus
  3. The Airmen of Note
  4. David Binney
  5. Bobby Watson
  6. Fred Hersch
  7. Commentary: 08.05.17
  8. Top Jazz of 2017
  9. Commentary: 12.25.17
  10. Commentary: 02.25.18
  11. Commentary: 06.04.18
  12. Commentary: 07.15.18


  1. The Airmen of Note
  2. Mark Taylor
  3. Teddy Wilson Mosaic Box Set
  4. Michael Leonhart


  1. Fred Hersch
  2. Common Quartet
  3. Brian Landrus Orchestra
  4. Bobby Watson
  5. David Binney
  6. Dan Arcamone
  7. Rez Abbasi
  8. As Is
  9. Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York
  10. Sharel Cassity & Evolve
  11. Teddy Wilson Mosaic Box Set
  12. Jon Irabagon
  13. Alchemy Sound Project
  14. Jeff ‘Siege’ Siegel Quartet
  15. Charles Pillow


Mr. Burnett

The Jazz Artistry Now commentary articles are written by Christopher Burnett.

Mr. Burnett has written as one of the original columnists for All About Jazz, as an award-winning reporter and staff writer for several print publications – most recently over 150 feature articles for the Fort Leavenworth Lamp newspaper. His writing has gained further coverage by the Associated Press and others. He is co-editor of Jazz Artistry Now.